CPRW Implementation Projects

Completed Post-Fire Projects 

Skin Gulch Restoration Project 

The Skin Gulch sub-watershed experienced severe impacts from the High Park Fire and was followed by severe summer rains in 2012, 2013 & the 500+ year flood in September 2013 caused massive runoff events in Skin Gulch. The Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed, AloTerra Restoration Services, LLC, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers & the USFS Canyon Lakes Ranger District partnered together in 2014 to restore the site. Project goals included: improve stream & floodplain function, reduce sediment delivery to the Poudre River, reduce in-channel aggradation, & enhance biological diversity. The project was successfully completed in 2016 through a combination of heavy equipment and volunteer hand labor. The post-fire/flood restoration techniques used & the collaboration will serve as a model for future large-scale restoration projects for watersheds across the Front Range. 

Ongoing Post-Fire Restoration Projects:

Seaman Reservoir Delta Stabilization Project

The Hewlett Gulch Fire burned in high severity above the Milton Seaman Reservoir, which is owned and operated by the City of Greeley. Following the fire, large quantities of sediment eroded from the hillslopes, channel bed and banks which was delivered to the reservoir in runoff events, forming a large delta composed of sand and gravel material at the outlet of a tributary. The delta poses a risk to the reservoir and the City of Greeley’s water quality. This has been an ongoing project for CPRW since 2015. With our partners, we have installed instream structures using rocks and log weirs and used koir matting to stabilize the delta face. We also installed floodplain roughness features, and planted native vegetation to stabilize sediment and hold existing channel in place. 

Photo credit: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers 

Unnamed Tributary 3 Restoration Project


This 210 acre sub-watershed was severely burned in the High Park Fire. It is located directly above HWY 14, the Poudre river and the Munroe Tunnel. Since the fire, and during the 2013 flood and subsequent high flow events, debris flows from this watershed caused the blockage of the Munroe Tunnel. Debris flow risks from this tributary continue to threaten the river and other important infrastructure. Shortly after the fire the upper UT3 watershed was treated with directional felling of trees, mulch and seed. During the summer of 2017, work was completed to stabilize a problematic gulley. 

Elkhorn Creek Forest Health Initiative


The Elkhorn Creek Forest Health Initiative (ECFHI), started in 2015, includes CPRW, The Nature Conservancy, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Larimer County Conservation Corps (LCCC), and the Ben Delatour Scout Ranch (BDSR). ECFHI has 3 goals: reduce wildfire risk, protect water quality, improve forest resiliency and increase forestry local skills. To date, the group has treated close to 300 acres of forest land on BDSR with hand thinning with LCCC members, WRV, and professional sawyers, heavy equipment and a prescribed burn. 

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