With our stakeholder committees, we completed resiliency plans for both the upper and lower watersheds. We use these plans to guide our work across the watershed.


Upper Watershed Resilience Plan

The purpose of the Upper Poudre Resilience Watershed Plan is to analyze conditions in the Upper Poudre Watershed with the intent of improving long-term watershed resilience. The analysis is used to identify target areas and determine priorities and actions within those areas that would increase watershed resilience.


Post-fire Prioritization plan

We worked with our stakeholders to identify remaining post-fire priorities  by combining the following: lists of potential projects identified by stakeholders, a desktop analysis  and field data collection and rapid assessment from priority areas identified in the desktop analysis.                   


Lower Watershed Resilience Plan

The historical flood events have called for an increase in resiliency of the Lower Poudre watershed. This is done using an integrated multi-objective Master Plan to assess river dynamics and Sediment Transport Model in order to propose realistic restoration options around the river corridor.