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Jen Kovecses, Executive Director

Jen grew up playing in lakes and streams in Canada building a life-long interest in aquatic ecosystems and conservation. She pursued this interest in university, completing a Bachelor's of Science in biology and a Master's of Science in aquatic ecology at McGill University. For her Master's thesis, Jen researched the impacts of mining pollution on lakes in northern Quebec.

After completing her graduate degree, she continued to pursue her passion for aquatic ecosystems, working on a variety of watershed conservation projects on the shores of Lake Ontario and the coast of British Columbia. While living in California, Jen had the opportunity to work for local non-profits, offering science and policy analysis to help protect water quality and habitat in California's beautiful coastal watersheds.

After moving to Colorado in 2011, she began volunteering with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers as a way to get to know some of the amazing places in Colorado. This led to an opportunity to work with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, managing its post-fire restoration program.

When not working, Jen can be found hiking in the mountains or along Colorado's many beautiful rivers.

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Hally Strevey, Watershed Project Manager

Hally is a Colorado native, with a great love of the West. Her family has a cabin on the Poudre River, and she spent much of her childhood fishing, hiking, and cross country skiing in the watershed. These experiences helped to fuel her passion for a career path in restoration ecology & watershed management.  

Hally has a diverse background in both wildlife and ecology. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in wildlife biology from Colorado State University and a Master’s of Science in restoration ecology from Montana State University.

Hally has also worked for the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, the Restoration Ecology lab at Colorado State University, and an ecological consulting firm.

When she’s not working, Hally enjoys spending time in wild & beautiful places with her husband and dogs, practicing and teaching yoga, identifying plants, and hanging out in downtown Fort Collins. 

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Daniel Bowker, Forest and Fire Project Manager

A born-and-raised Kentuckian, Daniel came of age thinking deeply about the changes he saw as his home state transformed from small family farms to the urban-rural hybrid it is today.  After finishing degrees in philosophy, he followed his calling out of doors, returning to the University of Kentucky to complete a Bachelor of Science in forestry.

Following graduation, UK hired Daniel as a forester on the university’s 15,000 acre Robinson Forest, in the rugged Cumberland Plateau region of eastern Kentucky.  While there, Daniel spearheaded research into local commercial logging practices, testing the effects of the state’s streamside management zone regulations on water quality and riparian biota, and received his Master of Science in forestry along the way.

Daniel moved to Fort Collins in 2010, and worked with the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station on the mountain pine beetle outbreak in northern Colorado.  He then spent several years with the Natural Resource Ecology Lab at Colorado State University, managing a long-term research program in the Loch Vale watershed of Rocky Mountain National Park. Most recently, Daniel served as a forester with the conservation districts in Boulder County, delivering Farm Bill assistance to private landowners working to thin and restore their forests for wildfire resilience and forest health.

Daniel strives to integrate work and play, but when he’s off the clock, he spends his time with his family, rediscovering nature and society through the eyes of his daughter, and exploring the mountains and deserts of the captivating American Southwest.

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Ian Sharkey, CPRW VISTA Intern

Ian was born in Colorado Springs, but he lived in several places growing up due to his parents’ careers in the Air Force. He spent much of his childhood hiking, fishing and camping in places all over the world. Because of this he became fascinated with learning and exploring the nature and science of  the earth’s natural environments.

Ian is a recent graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, where he majored in Environmental Earth Science, with a minor in GIS. During the summers he has worked as an Environmental Intern at the Poudre Learning Center, and as a Field Technician for Vector and Disease Control International. Ian is currently an AmeriCorps VISTA Intern for CPRW, and he hopes to do work with natural resources in the future.

When he is not working he enjoys hiking and camping around the Front Range, cooking delicious meals, and challenging locals to dance-offs.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of the Corporation and has fiduciary responsibility for the assets of the Corporation.  The Directors are comprised of both reserved seat and at-large members. 

Any member of the public or representative of any public or private corporation may be introduced as candidates to be elected by and serve on the Board of Directors as at-large members.  Three seats on the Board of Directors are reserved for representatives from the City of Fort Collins Utilities, City of Greeley Water and Sewer, and Larimer County.  


Richard Thorp, Reserved Seat Board Member

Watershed Program Manager, City of Fort Collins Utilities 


Jennifer Petrzelka, Reserved Seat Board Member

Water Rights Manager, City of Greeley Water & Sewer Dept.


Shayle Nelson, Reserved Seat Board Member

Emergency Management Coordinator, Larimer County


Colin Glover

Rocky Mountain Flycasters


Laura Pales


Nate Boschmann

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Jeff Carlson



Maelly Oropeza, Board Chair

Larimer County Conservation Corps


Bob Sturtevant, Board Vice Chair

CO/WY Society of American Foresters


Shannon Allstott, Board Treasurer



Evan Stafford, Board Secretary

American Whitewater








CPRW staff and board at the Mishawaka for the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act (Photo by  Conservation Kate )

CPRW staff and board at the Mishawaka for the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act (Photo by Conservation Kate)