Using the Upper Poudre and Lower Poudre Resiliency Plans as our guide, we implement high priority restoration projects across the watershed. Our implementation programs range from wildfire mitigation to post-fire restoration and river resiliency work. 


Watershed Resilience

Watershed Resilience is defined as the ability to recover following a disturbance. Our watershed resiliency work is focused on all aspects of the Poudre watershed including the forests, the river & streams, and the communities that depend on the watershed.


River REstoration

We are currently identifying specific criteria for implementing river restoration projects along the upper river corridor.  However, we have prioritized reaches for restoration along the river corridor east of I-25 to the confluence with the South Platte. Those can be found in our Lower Poudre Resiliency Plan. Stay tuned for more information about our river restoration work. 


Forests & Fires

We work collaboratively with partners to reduce the risk of high severity wildfire in the Poudre watershed at a landscape scale.


Post-Fire Restoration

Since the High Park and Hewlett Gulch Fires in 2012, we continue to implement post-fire restoration projects in the upper watershed. These projects are focused on both reducing erosion and preventing excess sediment from entering the river, stabilizing stream banks, protecting important infrastructure, and reestablishing native vegetation.