Seaman Reservoir Delta Stabilization Project


Project Overview

The Hewlett Gulch Fire in 2012 burned in high severity above Milton Seaman Reservoir which is owned and operated by the City of Greeley. Following the fire, large quantities of sediment eroded from the hillslopes, channel bed and banks and was delivered to the reservoir in runoff events through a small tributary. This resulted in the formation of a large delta composed of sand and gravel material at the outlet of the tributary. The sediment in the delta poses a risk to the reservoir infrastructure and the City of Greeley’s water quality. CPRW began the project in 2015 with our partners. Since 2015, we have installed instream structures including log-rock weirs to stabilize the stream, floodplain roughness logs, and installed koir matting on the face of the delta to stabilize the sand material. We also have planted thousands of native willows, cottonwoods, and wetland plants to help stabilize the delta and hold the stream channel in place. All work was done by hand via volunteers, youth corps and restoration crews.


Project Partners

City of Greeley, USFS Canyon Lakes Ranger District, AloTerra Restoration Services, LLC, Wildland Restoration Volunteers, Larimer County Conservation Corps, and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.


Project Goals

  • Reduce the risk of channel incision
  • Establish 70% cover of herbaceous and woody riparian/wetland vegetation
  • Reduce the risk of stream avulsion and braiding until vegetation is established
  • Reduce overall risk of the sediment in the delta eroding into the reservoir


Completion date

Ongoing since 2015

Drone photos by Katie Hansen