Skin Gulch

Skin Gulch - Before (Photo Credit: Lucas Mouttet)

Skin Gulch - Before (Photo Credit: Lucas Mouttet)

Skin Gulch - After (Photo Credit: Kate Hansen)

Skin Gulch - After (Photo Credit: Kate Hansen)

Project Overview

The Skin Gulch watershed was severely burned during the High Park Fire followed by severe summer rains in 2012, 2013 & the 500+ year flood in September 2013. The September flood caused massive runoff events in Skin Gulch. This project was successfully completed in 2016 through a combination of heavy equipment and volunteer hand labor. The post-fire/flood restoration techniques and the collaboration efforts will serve as a model for future large-scale restoration projects for watersheds across the Front Range.


Project Accomplishments

  • Miles of Stream Corridor Designed and Treated: 5,746 feet (1.1 miles)
  • Acres Seeded, including mulch, erosion matting, and soil amendments: 6.85
  • Acres Weeded: approximately 4
  • Willow/cottonwood cuttings installed: Approximately 2,200
  • Container Stock Installed: 1,210
  • Structures Installed (instream and bioengineering): Pools (6), Grade Control (5), Toe Wall (3), Fascines (3), gulley structures (20).
  • Grading and Earthwork: included removal and redistribution of alluvium, channel relocation, floodplain conveyance improvements, and soil covered rip-rap.
  • Gullies Treated: 3 (approximately 150 feet)


Project Partners

AloTerra Restoration Services, LLC, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and the USFS Canyon Lakes Ranger District


Project Goals

  • Improve stream & floodplain function
  • Reduce sediment delivery to the Poudre River
  • Reduce in-channel aggradation
  • Enhance biological diversity


Completion date

Spring 2016